Scottish Charity No. SC 10901



Beith Community Centre,

Kings Road,


KA15 2BQ

Our spectacular 50th Anniversary year has come and gone, and a very enjoyable year it was.  The standard of musicianship at our seven concerts was fantastic, and our annual Art Exhibition was marvellous.  We hope that all members of our audience and the viewers at our Art Show will agree with us when we say that the standard has been better than ever.

The concert programme for our 51st year, which begins in September, is already decided, and regular attenders may notice a slight change of approach:  We were granted a donation by a local trust which has allowed us to book some new groups which we could not previously afford. We also will be trying out other new ideas.

But don't fret that a lot of things are going to change - we are still the same Beith Arts, and we are still able to make our own decisions taking into account what our audience members enjoy.  We can't, as ever, please every member all the time but do our best to please a large majority every time.  We are always interested in your comments - anyone on the committee will be glad to listen to your remarks about any aspect of our programme, so do not hesitate to let us know your views.

The new programme is now online, so you will be able to put most of the dates in your diary. Dates still missing will be available shortly.  We look forward to seeing you all again in September.


bringing Music and Art to our local community

iStock_000019511439XSmall IMG_0508

This was one of the exhibits in this year's Art Exhibition