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Beith Community Centre,

Kings Road,


KA15 2BQ

Now that the excitement of our 50th Anniversary Season is over - and what a great season it was! -  we can turn to the 2015/16 programme and all that it has to offer.  All except one of our concert dates are fixed, apart from "Les Sirenes" in April.  But they are definitely coming, and the date will be announced well in advance so that you will have plenty of notice.  Have a look at "Programme 2015 - 16" on this website to find out what else lies in store for you.  


The next concert on 25th October features a highly successful brass quintet called "Pure Brass".  Formed in 2006, they have swiftly built a reputation for their individual approach, and have played in some of the U.K.`s leading venues, and won prizes in several important competitions.  Their repertoire contains not only music written for brass, but also their own arrangements of songs from recent shows, and also jazz.  It should b a really lively concert!


The 29th November will see the arrival of a group of male singers called "Scozzesi" (which means Scotsmen in Italian), who will sing for us in four-part harmony, any sort of music you can think of, including opera, Gilbert and Sullivan, musical comedy, songs from the shows, jazz and Scottish songs to bring a tear to your eye.  They will aso sing requests, so if you want to hear something special, write it down and hand it to a member of the committee who will pass it on to the group.  This is going to be the sort of concert where everyone goes home humming a different tune - what more can you ask?


Please note that our January concert will be held in the Parish Church, so that the group can use the organ, which will be another treat for us.  Please don`t go to the wrong venue! -  but we will remind you of the change at the previous concert.


We will leave details of the rest of our seven concerts until January, so have another look at this website then to find out what`s in store -  there will be other surprises.


The committee have done their very best to make sure that we have a very good programme for this season, and we do hope you enjoy it.  We know that not every concert appeals to everyone; but if you don`t come you may miss the chance of hearing something wonderful. We really need larger audiences - we struggle for money to make up these programmes with professional musicians every year, and of course prices keep going up, so we want the largest audiences that we can get.  Do please try to spread the news to friends and relations, and point out that we do our very best to provide the best possible concerts outside Glasgow - and at a fraction of the cost to the audience.  We were very fortunate to be given a grant last season from the Moffat Trust, as most of you will know, and we have just found out we are getting another grant this year, so we must be very careful to spend the money wisely. There are of course many other costs apart from the musicians, so we ask every loyal member of our audience to help by spreading the word or bringing a friend - newcomers will be warmly welcomed.


bringing Music and Art to our local community

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This was one of the exhibits in this year's Art Exhibition